Soldiers pose with a Viet Cong warlord’s captured munitions and money. Front row (kneeling), from left: Rick Reardon, John Olearain, LT Walter Kreeger, Watts (no first name known) Back row standing, from left: 1st man unknown, 2nd man unknown, Ross (no other name known), 4th man unknown, Bill Boyce, Jim Ming, 7th man unknown, 8th man unknown, Herman Cole, 10th man unknown, Mike Warm, 12th man unknown, 13th man unknown, 14th man unknown, Lt. Mike Christenson

Charlie Haughey’s collection of photographs from the Vietnam war documents what Charlie called “the life side of the war, not the death side of it.” Charlie was field-commissioned by his commanding officer to photograph the men of the 25th Infantry Division performing their jobs “with dispatch, and honor.”

Whether photos of men digging holes, carrying heavy packs in the field, crouching at the ready with rifles in rice paddies, or kicking back and finding some R&R, Charlie’s photo collection captures the men of the 25th Infantry Division in candid and intimate moments from their daily lives. Upon departure from Vietnam, Charlie carried all of his nearly 3,000 negatives and slides home with him, where he put them into storage for nearly 45 years.

In the fall of 2012, Charlie met Kris Regentin at ADX, a community shop space in SE Portland, OR. Kris and ADX owner Kelley Roy put together a team of dedicated volunteer consultants to produce a show of prints from the collection, and, later, Kris and the team produced a book of Charlie’s photographs. A Weather Walked In was printed in July of 2015, and features 117 of Charlie’s most powerful photographs, offset print in beautiful quality. The team also produced a companion iOS book with 155 photographs, along with audio commentary from Charlie.

The team, working entirely in a volunteer capacity, has from day one desired only to preserve this photo collection for future generations, and to help identify the individuals in the photographs and get copies of the photos to surviving family members. Along with the books of Charlie’s photos, the team has produced prints from the collection for gallery showings and for individual collectors.